Success at Camp Hope

We have had a lot of good stuff happen this week at Camp Hope – tent city under the bridge!

Kristi and Nikki successfully networked James (Blue) and we got him off of the streets. He got his indigent care medical card and got set up with Disability Connections. Mr. Bob Salas put him up at the Lodge where he will stay until he receives his LHP voucher. They are meeting with him today to do the paperwork so that they can refer him to PHA for that voucher. We will continue to help him in getting everything he needs to be successful with his transition from homeless to housed.

While doing this, they were also able to connect with Amber. James and Amber are very close and because James vouched for Nikki and Kristi, Amber is open to help. They got her networked with a few places yesterday and plan to meet with her again on Tuesday. They were able to get her referred to a cardiologist so that she can get the proper treatment and medication she needs. There are several programs that may be able to truly give her the help she needs. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

While Bob was taking James around, they ran into another Camp Hope resident who is interested in help. He was referred to the Salvation Army and I plan to do his assessments as soon as we can work it out with the Salvation Army. Once we are aware of his needs, we can begin to network him as well.

We have located “Chief” and Mrs. Starkey is in the process of trying to verify his veteran status so that we can see if he is edible for a HUD-VASH voucher.

These peer relationships are SO important and have proven to work this week at Camp Hope. All of this progress took place in the matter of 1-2 days. Please keep trying to establish these relationships on your own, if you feel led to. We do not always have to go together as a group or be together to make these things work. If you establish a bond with a camper, let me know so that I can help you in networking them to the correct places.

I am also in the process of coordinating an event that will take place at the Salvation Army. We will bring in all the major agencies involved and set them up in the shelter so that they can conduct their assessments/intake from the shelter. That way, these residents can all meet at one place instead of having to ping pong back and forth across town. Once this is scheduled I will send an update with the date/time.

Thank You,
Amanda Cruz
Deputy Director
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